On any given day, around 90% of people say they are happy in their marriages, yet the national divorce rate is now over 50%. How can this be?

SMART Marriages

    Research suggests that marital breakdown is often like a build up before a mudslide. Years of erosion underneath the surface can go unnoticed - until that final rainstorm hits. Then the whole hill comes sliding down.

     Seventeen years ago, at the University of Denver, Drs. Howard Markman and Scott Stanley began one of the largest longitudinal studies ever undertaken to determine what makes relationships work - and what destroys them.  What they have discovered is simply too important to be hidden away in the archives of a research lab. Hence PREP®


   The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP®) assists couples planning a marriage to get off on the right foot and avoid the most common risk factors associated with marital discord. Married couples can identify the key patterns of interactions that contribute to dissatisfaction with ones' spouse and develop strategies to alleviate them.

   PREP® workshops are held periodically throughout the year.  A specialized series of workshops based on PREP® concepts is also offered for Couples who are in recovery from Chemical Dependency.